project image
Rana Young

first performed on December 11, 2021
Momentary Museum, Bentonville, AR
performed once in 2021


Brooklyn, NY


“Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted” could be seen as a collective performative journey. But I’m not holding the space to display my practice. Instead, I’m here as an anchor, a lighthouse with the urgent desire to share a ritual process about separation and togetherness. “Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted” is the first and last date simultaneously, between the audience and me. So, we have to be present. We have to care and maybe remember.

Like many, I experienced a dense and seemingly endless disconnect and shared my intimacy for most of the last two years on screen, behind smartphones. Gradually I felt the distance generated an emotional and spatial separation between dear friends and family members. Stuck in the middle of political agendas and desperate coups by extremists all over the globe, it became painful and almost impossible to hear ourselves, to listen to the others. Where frontiers and oceans failed, digital design and engineering succeeded! This separation is not a footnote, it is the tipping point of our civilization. 

There is one disease that is far worse than dystopian fantasies and casual fascism. Losing our humanity will start when we’ll lose each other. I just had a few ropes, a few people and a few minutes but I gave them my body and my soul to reconnect to what is still buried inside. “Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted” is more than a performance, it is an attempt to document liveness as a language and life as a corpus, multiple corpora.

I proposed a concrete link made of ropes to strangers, and for a moment, I asked them, without asking, to be a part of my space. No strings attached, but vulnerability and realness are not an option in my pocket world. If you decide to enter, you have to give it all, as if it is the last time we’ll see each other. I’m the first link, and the audience draws the lines, occupies the space and creates a tribe of the intimate where I can exist and vanish. “Depopulated + Disconnected + Unlimited = Uprooted is an ode and a celebration of the unknown and togetherness.”