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Emergency INDEX is an annual print publication documenting new performance in the words of its creators. For more information, see our Project Description page.

Submissions for INDEX Volume 8 closed

Submissions for INDEX Volume 9 will be opened at the beginning of 2020.

Please email emergency@uglyducklingpresse.org with any questions.

See below for example pages from Volume 6, which includes 279 works from 46 countries performed during 2016.

That Which Fades Continues Forever (2 H.B.) - Fulla Abdul-Jabbar

Containers - Joiri Minaya

Heroic Procession - Hugo Crosthwaite / Marilu Salinas / Theresa Magaro

Venus Y El Abanil - Casa Cruz de la Luna Theatre

Common Ground - Tsedaye Makonnen

Geometry of Feeling - Rebecca Warzer

In-Transit - Maria Adela Diaz