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Submission FAQ

Q: Who can submit performance documentation? What sorts of performances are eligible?
A: Performance documentation can be submitted by the authors of that work. Any sorts of performances are eligible as long as they were actualized. Hypothetical performances, or performance proposals, are not eligible. Please also note that only one submission is allowed per author (or authorial group) per volume.
Q: What if the creators of the work want someone else to write the description?
A: Someone other than the creator(s) of the work can write the performance description as long as they are asked to do so by the creator(s) and the creator(s) approve and submit the text.
Q: How do you select the works that will be included in a volume?
A: We do not curate selected works on the basis of their popularity, scope, or medium; nor do we curate selections based on our own “tastes,” judgements of quality, import, or current trends. If you are submitting a performance document to INDEX, we assume that you are self-identifying the work as performance, and that you see value in sharing some aspect of this work with other makers and thinkers of performance.
That said, we have very specific guidelines for submissions, which require BOTH explicating the purpose or genre of the work, as well as describing some aspect of its enactment. If these requirements, along with other guidelines specified on the submission form, are met, submissions will be accepted. In some cases, INDEX editors will contact you for text revisions, clarifications, or ask for changes to your submitted image; if we do not receive a response, your submission will not be included. (So please make sure you include an email address that you check regularly!)
Q: If I have been published in a previous volume, can I still submit a performance for the current volume?
A: Absolutely! While we restrict the number of performances an author (or authorial group) can submit for one volume, contributors are welcome to participate in subsequent volumes.
Q: What kind of image should I submit?
A: Though photos are preferable, any image (a photo, a drawing, a diagram, etc.) is acceptable if you think it is relevant to the work. Images will be printed in black and white, so please submit them in grayscale. Images must be 5×7 300dpi tiff files and may be in portrait or landscape orientation. Please credit the artist or photographer when you send us the image, and make sure you have permission/copyright to publish it.
Q: My performance is different each time it is performed. Should I count it as repetitions of the same work, or treat each performance as a separate work?
A: This is ultimately your decision. However, if the piece is performed multiple times under the same name, and/or uses essentially the same tactics to determine the form and content of each enactment, the editors suggest you consider this as multiple performances of the same work.
Q: In the “description of the performance” on the submission form, what do you mean by “problem”?
A: Emergency INDEX seeks to provide a yearly snapshot of the field of performance, in all its varied practices. Therefore, we are interested in an articulation of the theoretical, formal, political, aesthetic, commercial, historical or other problem/issue/framework your performance was made to address, or is most related to. We do this because performances are created by people in many different fields; knowing the problem that the work arose from allows other readers to contextualize the description, and to better understand what your performance did, how it functioned, and what innovations/realization/possibilities it brought to light. For examples, please see previous volumes.
Q: What if I don’t have a problem?
A: If you feel that your work cannot be adequately described by contextualizing it through a problem or issue, or if you can’t identify/articulate a relevant problem, it may be that INDEX is not the right way to document your performance. If you have doubts and want to consult with an editor, please contact us at emergency(at)uglyducklingpresse.org.
Q: What if the work has no author, a group of authors, or the authors are anonymous?
A: It is possible to publish anonymous performance descriptions, or those in which creators have alternate names/identities, or those in which the creator(s) are groups/collectives. However, for reasons of authenticity and editing, the editors of INDEX must have a real name and contact information of at least one of the works’ creators. These will not be published or disclosed if you do not wish them to be. If a work has no author, it cannot be documented in Emergency INDEX.
Q: I want to write my description in a language other than English. Is that possible?
A: Unfortunately, at this time, INDEX does not have the staff to support indexing/editing of other languages. We hope to be able to do this in the future. If you are interested in working on this future initiative, contact us!
Q: Who will own the copyright to my text and image?
A: All creators retain ownership of their own image and description. INDEX reserves the right to re-publish them in subsequent volumes, on the website and to use them in promoting the book. Creators may also re-publish their own descriptions and images, and we ask that they credit the volume of INDEX where it first appeared.
Q: As a contributor, will I receive a free copy of INDEX?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot afford to provide free books to all contributors (there are typically over 250). You will, however, be able to buy the book at a deeply discounted contributor rate (typically about 75% off the cover price, plus shipping), and you are under no obligation to buy one if you do not want to. INDEX is a labor of love, and all editors and designers volunteer their time to produce this project year after year. When we announce the pre-sale for a new volume, we will send you an email with a special contributor's code. If you are a contributor to the most recent volume, and haven’t received your code by December 1st, please feel free to contact us and ask what’s up.
Q: When will the most recent volume of INDEX become available on the website?
A: Typically, the most recent print volume will become available online a year after the hard copy is published.
Q: Will you announce the book on the web/social media?
A: Yes, as soon as the book goes to the printer, we will have a pre-sale with a special discount price. The pre-sale is very important to raise the funds to cover printing the book, so PLEASE SHARE the announcements. Look for them on Facebook, on the Ugly Duckling Presse site, and on Twitter (@emergency_index).
Q: When will the new volume be published?
A: Generally, Emergency INDEX is published in November, and shipped in December. Please check our announcements on social media for exact dates.
Q: When will the submission period begin for the next volume?
A: Generally, the submission period opens in December and closes about a month later. Please check the website or social media in late November for exact dates.