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Leslie Soto

first performed on April 7, 2021
Pier of Santo Domingo, Malecón Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
performed twice in 2021


Dominican Republic


I placed myself in the center of the space inside of a pattern that represented life’s cycles and how I am nothing and everything at the same time. In this piece, I portrayed the seven parts of me that were either being born or I was letting die with the grieving process. Each one of these characters aligned itself with each one of the seven chakras because of where I felt them in my body. Their names were: Rosa, La Poderosa (the powerful one); Enza, La Intensa (the intense one); Lita, La Analítica (the analytical one); Eva, La Evadidora (the avoider); Salva, La Salvadora (the savior); Dora, La Exploradora (the explorer); Zeni, La Zen (the zen one).

“IMPERMANENCE: Death as Rebirth” was a dance as a ritual performance that recognized how death is a rebirth of the self through the grieving process. This performance was a healing response to the passing of my father and the ending of two significant relationships for me in 2020. While grieving these experiences, I started reflecting on how nothing is permanent. Therefore, the title of the piece: “IMPERMANENCE.”

“IMPERMANENCE” was performed at the Pier of Santo Domingo at sunset. I chose to perform this dance ritual in the Pier of Santo Domingo because it was the only place I felt magical and allowed me to heal/grieve during the pandemic and at a time when everything else was closed. I went biking every morning to experience the sunrise there.

The performance was followed by a post-performance talk with the two psychotherapists that supported me during my grieving process: Altagracia Valdez Cordero and Bianca Melo.