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Hans van Lunteren

first performed on December 13, 2020
performed once in 2020


Utrecht, the Netherlands


The Stingerbol is an enigmatic sphere—a huge convex construction of metal plates. It looks inaccessible. On entering the sphere one experiences emptiness: a black hole. The Stingerbol was originally a military training dome where the use of the FIM-92 Stinger rocket system was trained. It has been abandoned for about twenty years. It was saved from demolition in 2012 by Heidi Linck, who aims to transform the Stingerbol into a place for research and interventions by artists.

I enter the dark space of the Stingerbol. After closing the door with a loud bang I listen to the sound of the space and start walking around adjusting to the liminal light. I try to sense the limits of the space and myself using my voice. I’m hesitant at first. In further exploring, depending on my position in space the resonance completely invades my body and mind. I lose my sense of self, of direction and time. I am aware that through a digital signal my resonating voice is leaving the actual place, reaching beyond the boundaries of my body, creating limitless vibrations—potentially reaching people’s ears and hearts. I experience the notion of a lament and of the angel music of Hildegard von Bingen alternately. I become a vibrating string connecting past and present immersed in sound and space.

The performance is an attempt to explore notions of body in space and time, of different levels of consciousness through movement and sound by using the human voice. Especially in these times of lockdown and unlimited internet communication, the notion of space and time, of self and otherness is under pressure. Where are we when we say where we are, really? The performance is an improvisation, a way of creating nowness, a shamanistic dreamstate in a world determined by data. Of getting lost, opening up, connecting. A way of becoming.


hollow whole

deep darkness

sound of silence


of a mushroom

mycorrhiza of Paradise