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Sofia Hultquist

first performed on December 12, 2020
Artist's backyard and livestreamed on Instagram
performed 10 times in 2020


Los Angeles, CA


Ten sunsets, ten performances.

The performances of “Into Solstice” were born out of the desire to celebrate the Winter Solstice, as well as providing something to look forward to on an emotional level.

The performances took place for ten consecutive nights from December 12 – December 21 in my backyard in Los Angeles, with music starting at sunset (the given time for my location). My whereabouts within my backyard varied, as did my musical set-up. This was intentional, as it afforded me the chance to decide what I wanted to express the day of each performance, and could be dependent on my state-of-mind at that moment. Each sunset performance was also streamed live on Instagram, where those who followed me knew to tune in every evening for new music, with the hope being that it would provide a sense of solace for those in attendance.

Every performance was improvised and more often than not, included a mix of field recordings, modular synthesizers, voice and other electronics.

On a personal level, this series of performances were meant to help in overcoming writer’s block, as well as serve as testing grounds for new works and ideas. The general theme of the music performed was of a sense of light and hope, which felt particularly fitting for the time of the year, and considering the events of the year which was about to end.