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Margarita Baumann

first performed on December 07, 2020
Automobile Journey Rochester to Witoka
performed 15 times in 2020


Winona, MN


“My Life with Willy” was—and is—an extended performance begun near the end times of 2020. I have adopted what can best be described as an inanimate abused adolescent that I am attempting to animate. “My Life with Willy” is my constant reminder that art is art and life is life, while renewing my higher ideals of art as life; life as art; arte vitae.

Willy Why is 3’ 4” tall with red hair and blue-green azure eyes. Freckles and a frozen smile belie a troubled past. His small stature was likely caused by a history of confinement in a small traveling case. Since his arrival into my life, Willy has been free.

The first time Willy sat on my lap, I could not help but notice the lobe of his left ear was simply…gone. I know about trauma. I didn’t want our initial encounter to pull up deeply seated pain, so I pretended not to notice. Later, when I examined Willy’s confinement case, I discovered… to my horror… a petrified… ear lobe.

Willy and I have since bonded. I take him from here to there and we go nearly everywhere together. When I finally built up the courage to ask about his ear, Willy made light of it. He said he wanted to become a famous “artist” like Van Gogh.

I pointed out, that’s not how you become an artist.

The quick wit responded, “How would you know. It’s not like anyone buys any of your work.”

I thought for a moment and shot back, “Yeah, well then, smarty pants, why’d you only cut off the lobe?”

Willy responded, “Now that I’ve experienced some of your life. I don’t think I really want to be an artist that badly.”