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Isadora Falcão

first performed on November 15, 2020
The artist's studio
performed once in 2020


São Paulo, SP


The “Getsemani” Series is one of the answers to the anguish and internal struggles that I have with my various selves. The title of the series is a reference to the messianic struggle to accept and face psychological battles that we are fighting. The performance concept is the exhaustion of the clay material and my own body, by repeatedly kneading the raw clay.

I get on my knees and start kneading 10 kilos of raw clay in my lap. For 23 minutes, I interact and fight with this clay, knead it, pull it out, punch it, with the poetic intention of tearing me up and seeing me inside, looking for my viscera.

The choice to work with clay comes because it is the material for creating Genesis and also because it presents physical possibilities for construction and deconstruction. The chosen posture on my knees is a reference to prayer and penance. Through performance, I look for the visceral, the essence when deconstructing, reconstructing, accepting and reframing.

“Getsemani, II” is a photo performance that presents the moment when I am dirty and exhausted from the internal struggle that has been externalized by the impact of the clay material on my body. The two are transformed, the woman and the clay.