project image
Still image from video by Amenda Tate

first performed on October 27, 2020
the artist's home
performed once in 2020


West Des Moines, IA USA


“Duplicity” is performance art exploring how life often places us in dual roles, or in positions to consider our own lives in precarious ways.

In this piece, I was specifically considering what it means to be both a mother and a daughter simultaneously, and how motherhood forces me to balance caring for my own children with reconciling bits of my own childhood. Am I becoming more like myself or more like my mother? How will my actions affect my own daughter as she grows into her own identity? Am I repeating missteps or taking new ones? What values will be etched upon my daughter’s character as they were upon my own?

The performance elements were individually created one piece at a time via sound and video recordings and finally layered together to create a compilation that could safely be shared during a time of pandemic. The work was intended to manifest for video.

I composed the music for the piece, and I played both the piano and clarinet. These instruments are significant as they are common to myself, my mother, and my daughter. I choreographed and performed the dance, I operated the camera, and edited the elements together. In the spirit of “Duplicity” the work was both playful and somber, childlike and mature.

I am represented both as self and other. I am objectively looking both at myself and at my shadows. Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going? How does my own image evolve over time with each passing revolution? What is it about change that is both alluringly beautiful and strangely unsettling?