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Rosemary Carroll

first performed on October 02, 2020
sheltering-in-place bedroom in the Merrimac watershed
performed once in 2020


Brooklyn, NY


For my birthday, I invited some people over to my Zoom room at my parents’ house so that I could show them some stuff and lecture them.


Section A: GROUP DISCUSSION. Lecture etiquette and interruption negotiation.

Section B: Methodology. (B1) STATEMENT. “This presentation contains 100% fact, information, opinion.” (B2) PRERECORDED VIDEO. My arms and torso grappling with the weight and slipperiness of meaty freshly severed lobster claws. I am scooting around on my butt in my underwear. My face shows awe, interest, and horror.

Section C: Form. (C1) LIVE READING. Definitions of form. (C2) PRERECORDED VIDEO DEMONSTRATION. I attempt a foot-led cross-lateral side-spiral with a virtual background of my topless body and a plush rabbit in bed. This exhibits seven definitions of “form” simultaneously. (C3) LIVE PERFORMANCE OF CONFESSIONAL FORM. “Pink Peril Replay” I sing a rewrite of a Pink song making explicit the gaslighting message. I perform in my bathtub with my hair covering my face. I rock recalling a description of rape and an ensuing legal trial. (C4) LIVE DEMONSTRATION. I enter my parents bedroom as they lie in bed and ask them to tell embarrassing stories about me.

Section D: Material. (D1) PRERECORDED VIDEO. I’m rolling vertically through my spine with a virtual background of fish vertebrae. Recorded voice “I looked-up fish that have horns even though she obviously has fur…the long-horned something boxfish does not have horns like this…” My voice is almost inaudible. The sound of waves is dominant. (D2) LIVE PERFORMANCE. I navigate my bedroom using movement that has been taught to me as “material for the spine.” I locate a bag of cow bones wrapped in orange netting. Recorded voice “Retraumatizing Confessional” rhythm poem.

Section E: Lobsters (L). (L1) PRERECORDED VIDEO. Pan lobster carcass . L2) PRERECORDED DANCE VIDEO. “Bait” I dance with lobster claws and a virtual background of lobster cages and orange netting. There is some sex, some melodrama, some tears. (L3) PRE RECORDED PERFORMANCE VIDEO. Cow skulls in lobster traps. Cow skull outside of lobster trap on beach. Feet sinking into sand. (L4) LIVE READING. Lobster bait legislation in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Legality, trends, effectiveness and availability of fish, plastic, hide, and hairy bait.