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Liam Corley

first performed on September 25, 2020
Starlight Square Amphitheater in Central Square,
performed twice in 2020


Paul T. Sullivan (voiceover)

Boston, MA


“Lady Liber-ate” questions women’s role in society. Can women balance the health of their families, jobs, personal lives, societal expectations, and their communities? What does it mean to balance a barbell on your back? Can it be liberated of all its weight, all of its expectations, from carrying real exotic fruit, to carrying fake fruit, to carrying stilettos, to carrying masks?

During the performance there was a male voiceover asking me inappropriate (now illegal) questions and making the following statements:

– You want to have a bank account? Do you have a male cosigner with you?

– Make sure you dress really nicely for your boss.

– Where are you from? Because you have a really exotic appeal that the president will like.

– Do you have children or are you planning on having some, because you know that is a problem?

– You want a mortgage? Do you have your husband with you?

The performance was an ode to Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). She spent her life protecting women’s rights and advancing justice for those disenfranchised by the political establishment.

RBG helped pass these five laws to achieve gender equality:

– Employers cannot discriminate against employees based on gender or reproductive choices.

– Women are allowed to open bank accounts, credit cards, and receive a mortgage without a male co-signer.

– State-funded schools must admit women.

– Juries must include women.

– Men are entitled to the same caregiving and Social Security rights as women.