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Alystyre Julian

first performed on August 12, 2020
FiveMyles Gallery
performed six times in 2020


Jean Carla Rodea, Asiya Wadud, rebeca medina, Merche Blasco, Tifanni R. Moore

New York, NY


“Lost Voyage” is an on-going collaborative project that explores human relationships in relation to displacement, haven and metaphysical constructs through a communal experience. Current global and local events have refocused our dialogue with the theme of lost voyage. Through embodied practices; ritual, memory, movement, and chant, we explore, what does it mean to travel? What does it mean to be displaced? And how do we travel within ourselves when our bodies are stationary? What does it mean to be lost together? To share loss together?

The uprising of communities across the US shows that we can embark on treacherous journeys as one whole to fight for our communal and individual rights. In our practice, we improvise while building and navigating new structures as a constant creation, since we can never be satisfied with the previous systems.

For us, this is a time for generating new movements, new structures, new rhythms, new words.

Our collaboration started as an eight and ½ week residency where we engaged in durational performances interacting with a multi-media installation that evolved through time, like layers of a story unfolding. We are 7 female artists from different backgrounds, together we build a space that is conducive to the contemplation of what is freedom and what is home. Some of our performances were live streamed while others had limited (physically distanced) audience members. Our purpose was to create and inhabit a space that would lend itself to individual expression within a communal creation. Our individual journeys all happened within the larger VOYAGE that we experience daily. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is an underlying rhizomatic network that connects everything and we want to expose it.