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Jordan Hutchings

first performed on February 28, 2020
performed once in 2020


Cologne, Germany


I developed the performance over fifteen hours for the performance format HOUR by PAB (Performance Art Bergen).

Prior to the performance, I packed a suitcase with materials that appealed to me in terms of a performative exploration of the thematic complex of time, such as 24 roses of Jericho, one kg of ashes, several world maps, charcoal and apples. Over the hours, other possibilities and potentials spread through the other participants and their materials.

I scattered the ashes around in the room, let the world maps slide out of my hand into the space, turned and tossed the apple up and down, and placed the 24 Roses of Jericho around a music stand on which was a list with the names of people who died in Norwegian concentration camps. Later when the roses blossomed again, I returned to the music stand and drew a mark with charcoal on my shirt for each person who had passed away.

During the performance the initially rigid chronological framework of the actions resolved into active and contemplative phases. Over the course of time, the various actions unfolded according to the given situation until time ceased to make sense in the given moment. The past and the future dissolved and the materials and actions fall into place.