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Miklos Legrady

first performed on February 23, 2020
Grange Park
performed 0 times in 2020


Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee

Toronto, Canada / Bloomfield, Canada


The global festival of “Terminalia,” as noted by Kal Porter, is about boundaries and borders—real, historical, fictional, or imagined. It marks places of beginnings, endings, and thresholds. We joined the Women Who Walk Network’s synchronized walk on February 23, 2020 at sunset to explore the cusp of night for “Terminalia.”

For us, as Artifacts, this event was another stage in our continuing project Artists@Work, which intends to enact the razor’s edge precariousness of women artists’ lives and labor. Here it was played out in Toronto’s city-centered Grange Park. The park is also located at the physical edge of two nationally respected Canadian art institutions, the Art Gallery of Ontario and Ontario College of Art and Design University.

We walked together at dusk with our WIAprojects’ colleague Trisha Lamie and photographer Miklos Legrady as we circled the park in concert with other Women Who Walk worldwide, imagining boundless potentials for women’s safety, health, housing, creativity, and access.