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Wei Chao

first performed on February 20, 2020
Leslie-Lohman Project Space
performed twice in 2020


Video by Arantxa Araujo in collaboration with Wei Chao, Daniel Foley and Mariana Uribe. Original Music by Carina López Cello by Jacob Cohen.

Brooklyn, NY & CDMX, Mexico


“lutxa” is an immersive, socially-engaged, participatory, multimedia performance that seeks to reconnect with one’s self, and create a healthy cycle of interconnectedness, to understand our own self and our effect on our environment/others. It is an experimental practice tempting enlightenment and diminishing suffering by recognizing and becoming aware as a first step moving forward, then fighting (lucha=lutxa)/resisting certain forces/stimuli and joining others in the evolution of our consciousness. The performance presents a variety of stimuli—physical, affective, cognitive and vibrational - to allow the performer and the audience an experimental experience of noticing moment to moment the subtleties of change and our thought processes.

The performance included projections on all surfaces creating a dreamlike environment for all. In it, myself as a light-traveller experienced and shared light, sounds, sensations and vibrations. These experiences started in an enclosed space—internal; and then travelled outdoors—external, to encourage an awareness that flows from within noticing both pleasure and challenges. Pleasurable experiences included meditations on sensations from stimuli that research shows as gratifying or enjoyable. The challenges represented some kind of physical stress, or clash with affective responses such as fear and preconceptions that tend to make us feel confined. The resistance included the ability to balance on a vibrational platform holding the weight of thousands of cell-like water beads, or what I perceive as a universe of stars and atoms that explode into galaxies in the action of pouring them onto the floor, while they flood the audience space. The small particles became free in the space, breaking the constraints of the glass container; and in that same form—all audience members broke free from those four walls onto a cold, cold night looking at the stars, the lights of Manhattan.

Noun. lucha/lutxa f (plural lutxs) resistance whilst shining, fighting with light, struggle, vibe battle from strife to harmony, striving

quantum sweet vibrations.

resistors exhibit photoconductivity

sharing light


change catalyzed by resistance

illuminated particles vibrating in unison

enlightened paths

quantum sweet vibrations.