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first performed on January 18, 2020
Chitkara University
performed once in 2020


Photo by TOXICITY Team, Curator by Philosophy Unbound, Festival TOXICITY, Support by Chitkara Unniversity

Gwangju, South Korea/Chandigarh, India


If we are doing something, will it be really good for us? My answer is: We don’t know until seeing the result. “True?” was born from this idea. It consisted of seven steps:

– Bring a big fabric (almost 10 m x 10 m) and put it on the ground

– Bring and set up the ground where we can live

– Make holes on fabric, and take out the soil under the holes

– Take resources under the ground

– Collect junk around me and put it into my pockets

– Collect waste and put it into the collector

– Cover with collecting materials

– Give water to pockets

– Wish, everything will be fine

– Carry the big fabric to where it will be kept

– Try to cure the ground

– During the move of big fabric, fabric tore to pieces

– In trying the cure, the situation is going to worsen

– Hang the fabric and watch the fabric

– Stop everything and look at the situation

See what we did!