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Fenia Kotsopoulou

first performed on January 16, 2020
Venice International Performance Art Week - European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy
performed x times in 2020


Nottingham, UK

		<p class="RHP_Description--R-">I was the watchtower, honouring the past, letting the tower fall, red roots,

I remember you and its raw, bloody truths.

Transformation wash over this body in nowness, I’m Lamia, Lilith, and Medusa.

I have been holding my breath for a really long time.

Push/pull, inside/out/outside/inwards.

Where do I end and you start?

My lung spills out from my mouth.

Its fake fur pelt is soft to the touch in my hands. We are connected via red rubber tubing,

through which I breathe.

Durationally for 5 hours.

Spit gathers inside the lung, sound mics amplify my drowning breath.



Our embrace comes to an end as people venture forwards. I extend my arm with lung in hand

and offer the chance to share in this moment. We stand intimately 1:1. some participants were

invited to hold my disembodied breath. Feel the rhythm of our shared life-force. Rising and

falling. In and out. Feel its struggle, feel it vibrate against their body.

It is a child. It is an animal. It is alive. It is other.

It is not just about my breath, it’s ours, yours and those who already lost theirs.

It hurts to breathe sometimes but I hope we find ways, there is so much on the line.

As we breathe my stillness falters.

Timeframes are marked by body glitches. These involuntary moments of self awareness are

honoured with strands of red wool, pulled from my mouth and laid on the floor.

Marking time.


Breathe new watch towers from breast,

Breathe new space from throat,

Knock power structures that fail us down,

Breathe new roots from feet.

My movements are from the viewpoint of my own Neurodivergencies/Neuroqueerness.

As an Autistic, ADHDer, dyslexic with a

mega-mix tape of invisible/hidden but very real disabilities and embracing as my authentic ritualistic tics unmasked. My messy recovery

journey, CPTSD, and self-care—prescribed and found. Movements that span beyond rituals to

unpack, unravel, and dig into my own experiences with the residues of past traumas.

Exploring how we can reclaim self in order to fully breathe.