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Snežana Golubović

first performed on January 03, 2020
Mongolian steppe, 7th Burnt of Snow -Performance Art Festival
performed once in 2020




Two artists and lovers braided each other’s hair for sixteen hours plus one final hour open for the public. After some time passed, they walked from different ends of the Chinese Great Wall to meet in the middle, break up and split ways forever.

I am in China now. Tethered to the white horse, I bow to the endless steppes of Inner Mongolia.

What am I doing here?

Where do I come from?

Where are you my darling?

“Where Are You Darling” was a short action that could be captured in a single photo, created quickly on a Mongolian grassland in an extremely low temperature of -27 °C. With the help of my Chinese artist colleagues and curator, I negotiated with one of the local farmers that he would stand by his horse in the pasture (the steppes of Inner Mongolia are one huge horse pasture) and I would bow and braid my hair with the horse tail. I paid the farmer something, and we went to his pasture. I combed my hair and began to clumsily braid it with the tail. Someone from the audience approached and helped me to do it more quickly. I was standing there for just a few minutes (two? five? I can’t say because I was afraid; the Mongolian horses are half wild and unpredictable). Then I detached my hair, hugged the farmer and thanked the audience.

Two months after the performance one of the artists I thought about during this action, Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen), died.