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Image courtesy of the artist

first performed on January 03, 2020
Tonybee Studios
performed once in 2020


Dublin, Ireland


Exploring the queer erotics of compressed time and impending mortality, “Stuntman” is a three hour live performance. Enclosed within four walls, I straddle a motorbike as it faces a dead-end ramp. Without turning the key in the ignition, the narrative is clear: if I drive, I crash. The flickering headlight remains the sole source of light as I thrust my clenched crotch down on the saddle. With one embodied stomp, I kickstart the engine and throttle it until it suddenly cuts. The space is now filled with a deeper understanding of the motorbike’s masculine undertones: the sweet purr; the rattling roar; the engine cuts; the spectre remains. Fatal fumes refuse to disperse as sight becomes hazed and bodies form a homogenous whole. Toxic masculinity penetrates.

Now I’m left to ask, why did I want to emulate toxic masculinity? But then I think of the words of Del LaGrace Volcano and I feel some form of clarity, even if only fleetingly:

“The feeling of comfort and relief I experienced when being perceived as male came as quite a shock to me because I was raised to believe in the power and glory of womanhood. There are some who accuse me of betraying “womanity” by inhabiting what looks and sounds like a male body. BOLLOCKS to that I say! I’m a Gender Terrorist, a walking, talking bomb in The Boys Club. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.”

— Del LaGrace Volcano The Drag King Book (1999)