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Andrea Crnković

first performed on December 17, 2020
Hrvatski Kulturni Dom na Sušaku
performed twice in 2020


Gianfranco Mirizzi, Nina Gojić, Nina Sabo, Deni Sanković, Josip Maršić, David Dubrović, Enver Krivac, Tajana Josimović, Laura Hlapčić, Igor Crnković

Rijeka, Croatia


“Tekuća Stvarnost’’ (‘‘Liquid Reality’’) is a multimedia, interdisciplinary theatre piece dealing with the various phenomena of contemporary life in our global society through the lenses of an ordinary Croatian couple. The work is inspired by the texts of Bauman, Vattimo, and Coupland, critics of today’s society in constant crisis, which is used as the only strategy and modus operandi to move forward.

The audience is immersed in the world of two people unable to keep up with increasingly demanding civilizational establishments and standards, longing for connection and meaning, trying to overcome a crisis, as they reflect on the failures of their own ideals, betrayal of years passed and bleak future. Both, with different strategies try to get away from their problems and frustrations that are closing down on them and lead to absurd situations. Frustrations escalate when intrusive commercials interrupt their thoughts, lives and the show itself. The characters, immersed in a “liquid reality,” which, according to Vattimo, is based on “the evolution of the mass media and widespread communication systems,” provides a sense of increasing dislocation, isolation and alienation. Such tendencies, along with growing processes of individualization, erode the concept of social community from within. Themes are approached with humour that contributes to the lightness characteristic of “liquid modernity.”

The play metaphorically refers to a liquid property of the water departing from Bauman’s theories; introducing the term “liquid modernity,” Bauman described social changes “analysing emancipation, individuality, time/space, work and community. Our here and now is marked by fluidity—the dissolution of everything that once was solid, stable and lasting, which brings utter uncertainty, fragmentation and disorientation in our lives.” The piece speaks innovatively about current social issues and it addresses all those who recognise themselves in the problems of unemployment, pollution, consumerism, alienation and inadequacy to live up to social expectations.

Interdisciplinary approach to the creation of this work enables an authentic presentation of the times we live in and related issues. By introducing new and interactive media, experimental sounds and vocals, we are evoking the fluid state of our reality and the associated concepts. Special attention is given to the aesthetic and concept of the visuals (set/big video projections/performance), and their synergy that holds the story. Fluidity, mobility and pollution of the water formally and metaphorically permeate all segments of the piece, and water becomes the main aesthetic element and immersive environment in which the story is located.