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John R. Dowd

first performed on October 31, 2020
Actual Size Los Angeles
performed once in 2020


Jerome Henderson

Los Angeles, CA / Chillicothe, OH


“Jerome Henderson Index Center” is a work I presented for HRLA’s Time Space Money residency at Actual Size Los Angeles, October 31–November 13. The project made public an index of material surrounding the case of Jerome Henderson, an Ohio Death Row inmate who was sentenced to death by my late mother’s prosecution team in 1985. For the past 35 years, Henderson has been appealing his case against a Byzantine system, “left to languish on death row.”

During this residency, I conducted a remote oral history interview with Jerome Henderson from the Chillicothe Correctional Institute and developed the Jerome Henderson Index through the window of Actual Size Los Angeles—temporarily establishing the gallery space as the “Jerome Henderson Index Center.” The “Index Center” included wall-sized, hand-painted representations of legal documents from Jerome Henderson’s battle on death row, a video interview with Henderson, and a QR code linked to a GoFundMe campaign to assist in finding Henderson additional, independent legal counsel.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all material was accessible from the sidewalk outside Actual Size Los Angeles. I could be seen working inside throughout the residency. This work happened concurrently with Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery’s digital exhibition Archive Machines, wherein I presented the origins of my correspondence with Jerome Henderson and other archival materials surrounding the 1985 case in a piece titled “JPay Correspondence & Other Documents.”

This body of work addresses capital punishment abolition, the prison industrial complex (including for-pay digital correspondence services), mass incarceration, redlining, and the intergenerational effects of institutional racism.