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Iliana Olalde

first performed on October 17, 2020
Eucalyptus Forest , broadcast by Danza UNAM.
performed once in 2020


Francisco Malacara

Morelia, Mexico


I explored the construction of time and landscape by inserting nature in relation to the actions of my body and the image. By using my cellphone’s camera and a selfie stick as a tripod, I went out to rediscover nature seeking to recognize it as another body, one that could accompany me alone. “Still” is about the things that can remain, those that can resist, and those that we can still defend.

I addressed three premises, that for me are statements at the same time: I. La mirada todavía puede ser el cuerpo (The gaze can still be the body), II. El trabajo todavía puede regresar a la tierra (Labor can still return to earth) and, III. La quietud todavía puede insistir (Stillness can still insist).

In this piece, I wanted to approach the landscape as a body and the body as a landscape. I wanted to reflect mainly on stillness, as a notion that especially now seems indefensible. I blended myself with the forest and explored its materiality, searching for ways to look at it, by blurring the bark, walking low on the grass, remaining motionless, melting a coin with the mud, and playing at being a tree or a dry branch.

This forest has almost no relationship with the city as a nature reserve and its trees fell ill a few years ago due to a common plague, but because of its proximity to my place of confinement it was my pandemic paradise. That place spoke to me of vulnerability and fragility, and somehow, this piece became a continuation of a past project (“Puerco”) in which I was reflecting on subtle forms of violence and resistance on the body, but now including nature, which is still a body. The video-performance was broadcast as an “alternative for action” in very uncertain times.