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Filip Tasic

first performed on September 26, 2020
Gallery- legacy Milica Zoric and Rodoljub Colakovic
performed once in 2020


New York, NY / Belgrade, Serbia


“Exorcism 04” is a long duration performance art piece reflecting the emotional and physical states that we were and are going through during the COVID19 pandemic. It is part of The Exorcism series. The Exorcism series started as repetitive gestures and installations in my apartment during the “shelter in place” order in New York.

I examine patterns, rituals, time, and space, through rehearsals and object making, with the goal of moving through recognizable actions into the new reality in which we find ourselves.

My focus is on the meanings of the three words that have become debatable in the new context - freedom, humanity, and borders.

Exorcism 04 is a continuation of the visualization and examination of the new reality and its consequences in the social, emotional, and political sense.

The performance took place in the garden pool at Gallery- legacy Milica Zoric and Rodoljub Colakovic. On the added construction frame, tied on one end, floating in the pool, were barbed wire pieces. I stepped into the pool and started to tighten the barbed wire with my bare hands, creating a field pattern across the pool. As I proceeded my movements were altered, I had to adjust my body and often dive under the wire in order to reach the other end. When all the wires were tightened I dived in completely and let my body float in the interspace of the water surface and the pattern of wires.

“Exorcism 04” ended with me diving under the wires, finding the edge of the pool, and leaving the scene behind me. The performance lasted two hours.