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CV Peterson

first performed on July 24, 2020
Random Acts: Out of Site Chicago 2020 in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio
performed once in 2020


Eau Claire, WI/Chicago, IL


Greetings, I am a futuristic eco-mixologist and I will be sharing the recipe that I performed during the “Mykitas Epoch—Happy Hour” to create the Anthropogenic Whoopsie!, a well crafted plastic-infused elixir. The Happy Hour was conducted during the virtual international performance event hosted by Out of Site Chicago and Experimental Sound Studio and it was a world ending success. The Anthropogenic Whoopsie! was inspired by Dr. Sheri Mason’s research announcing we consume 5800 particles of plastic via sea salt, water, and beer. It just screamed, perfect 2020 specialty cocktail!



Sea Salt

Used Plastic

First, we must begin by creating a saltwater mixture. Bring the water to a rolling boil and add the salt—fun fact, sea salt already contains 212 particles of plastic per kilogram, so we are off to a great start.

Once our saltwater-plastic infusion reaches the appropriate saturation—go by taste, but stopping when the salt no longer dissolves works, too—it is time to choose your glassware. I normally use both the hip glassware of my region, mason jars, and the nostalgic spring break classic, the fishbowl.

Now for the fun part, choosing the garnishes! Some of my “favorites” include previously disregarded Mardi Gras beads—forgotten just like that night; toy dinosaurs—their legacy was bones… ours is a plastic based ecosystem; toy soldiers—since we love killing each other; and straws and plastic utensils—need I say more. A little sparkle, a little resin, and BOOM, there you have it: the Anthropogenic Whoopsie!, an ideal cocktail for those peaceful, icecap-melting nights.

Note: I recommend drinking a beer when in the process of creating this beverage. Beer has 4.05 particles of plastic per liter, the perfect pre-game!