project image
Juliana Cerqueira (print screens)

first performed on July 18, 2020
Zoom platform
performed 24 times in 2020


Juliana Cerqueira, Bia Medeiros (coordinators)

Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, Brasil


Acocoré is an artistic resistance project carried out since July 2020, during the pandemic. The project takes place entirely virtually, every Saturday, through simultaneous performances using Zoom platform. The idea is to discuss with actions the survival of art in times of pandemic.

“Performance is understood as body, contact, and conviviality” —Bia Medeiros. In times when distancing is necessary, we approach the virtual: we celebrate life in the experiment, using the free 40 minute limit available on the Zoom platform. The contact between moving windows is iteration and collaboration. Every week, the time and contribution of each artist generates words, texts, and questions, provoking ways of thinking and performing together in isolation. Since the meetings are free for everyone, and open to everyone, every week we count with different people participating: sometimes once, others sporadically as we become part of the collective.

The collective is formed by artists from different regions in Brazil and abroad, with different artistic trajectories and performance art experiences. Bia Medeiros and Carla Rocha, for example, experimented with telepresence since the 2000s, bringing this experience to the contemporary modus operandi. As a result of simultaneous performances, Acocoré has live happenings on Instagram every Wednesday (@artecoletosconexoes). There is also a website with recordings of weekly meetings and an exhibition of objects resulting from the performances. (

Coordinated by Bia Medeiros and Juliana Cerqueira, the collective is comprised of, at the present moment, the artists: Ana Reis (Goiás, Brazil); Alex Simões (Bahia, Brazil); Arthur Scovino (São Paulo, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Carla Rocha (Distrito Federal, Brazil, and New Jersey, USA); Cássia Nunes (Goiás, Brazil); Cristine Carvalho Nunes (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil); Maíra Vaz Valente (São Paulo, Brazil); Milene Lopes Duenha (Santa Catarina and Paraná, Brazil); Nau Vegar (Amapá, Brazil); Raphael Couto (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Ricardo Garlet (Santa Catarina, Brazil); Zélia Caetano (Paraná, Brazil); José Mário Peixoto- ZMário (Bahia, Brazil).