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Tithi Bera
ঘরে বাইরে / INDOOR OUTDOOR

first performed on May 27, 2020
Nottingham Art Mela
performed once in 2020



ঘরে বাইরে / INDOOR OUTDOOR
ঘরে বাইরে Indoor Outdoor is an ongoing video performance series to explore the contrast and the proximity of human, body, space, time, and memory.

During these performative gestures, I select locations that are domestic and public spaces. As this performance was recorded during the lockdown and pandemic it was challenging to have an onsite audience; rather, it was designed to be viewed online for an audience that does not necessarily need to be present on site. I have created a movement to describe the state of loneliness and the confusion about this unknown time.

I use the American flag and my hand movement, loosely inspired by voguing culture, to connect and express the need for physical proximity of community and kinship at the time of a global pandemic.

As many of my spatial experiences of migration and critical thinking are about institutional culture and the art market, I was interested to analyze what it means to continue art practice at the time of physical social isolation. As a cultural worker existing at the bottom of the global cultural labor supply system, how can we think less about what work we are making and rather be more conscious about what conditions are required to make the work possible? Can hoarding creative energy help us to create conversations that happen out of the condition of now and not mimic a version of what came before? As we are surviving the hybridity of our current time and embracing the new potentiality of this time, what new possibilities can this create for our practice? By not just translating the IRL to URL, how can we connect domestic spaces with people who wouldn’t usually meet and experience these spaces? Can we open new territories for us, in between domestic and outside spaces?

This video footage of this performance was recorded at Logan Square & Bridgeport, Chicago in May, 2020.