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Sylvia Sanchez

first performed on February 08, 2020
SESC Santo André
performed once in 2020


voluntary and spontaneous audience collaboration

São Paulo, SP, Brazil


In Brazil, internal economic policies have generated enormous devastation of natural biomes and increased social conflicts. The exploitation of minerals, oil, wood, as well as agribusiness land properties became the main economic activities in the country and condemned us to misery, territorial disputes and the destruction of forests and savannahs (Cerrado), rivers and seas. In a wrong idea of progress, the result is criminal: contamination of soil, water and air, in addition to the expulsion of entire populations from their original territories.

Given this urgency, the artist brought the ground as a central element of her proposal. Over 3 hours, she prepared earth-based paints mixing the main elements that are the commodities of Brazil in the international market: coal, ore, soy, beef, oil, wood and water. The audience was able to approach the artist while she worked, some were interested in the action, and others, in the reflection that the action itself suggests.

About the title, estado in Portuguese means what is present; that is, a set of conditions in which some situation, thing, place, any kind of life existence is at a given moment. However, estado is also synonymous of government, in other words, the entire governance system of a city, state or country. This performance art piece is interested in the ambiguities of this word.