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Kamilla Nunes

first performed on November 2, 2019
II Salão de Artes Visuais de Navegantes, Centro Integrado de Cultura, Navegantes, Brazil
performed once in 2019


Cali Ossani

Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil


I conceived of “Humano Ressonante Amarelo” as a sensorial and relational piece of art, a three-dimensional, living, and transconceptual installation, that would be freestanding in the exhibition spaces and require the spectator’s participation. However, after building this work for two exhibitions, its construction turned out to be as performative and potent as the object itself.

The action lasted almost three hours. With some assistance, I covered myself in a layer of plastic wrap, covering everything but my head. Then, I did another layer with reflective aluminized tape. To get out of this new skin, I cut a few corners. After that, I repeated the procedure for my head and reassembled it all as “Humano Ressonante Amarelo.” My kin. It is a work about (self) acceptance and empathy.

Curatorial text: Andressa Cantergiani.

“A skin that opens inward and reveals a void, a hollow, or an open body. Random body. A way that is rebellious to any form of figuration, which resists coding. A body that can also be lived as a door to the non-form, to the unconditioned.”

Concept text: The Tzolkin’s Holy Matrix of ancient Maya.

Kin 72

I channel in order to influence

Inspiring wisdom

I seal the process of free will

With the resonant tone of harmonization

I am guided by the power of flowering

I’m a galactic activation portal, come in for me

Evaluate everything you can be and open yourself to this opportunity.

Yellow Resonant Human, keeper of wisdom, vehicle of high mind, activator of evolutionary powers, self-reflection, and conscious choice. Able to conspire to inspire positive change, to align free will with wisdom and insight into everything we think, say, do, create, and choose to impact the people around us, and contribute to the collective consciousness, the infinite possibilities of human potential, and the unity of our diversity.