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Philipp Pohlmann

first performed on October 23, 2019
Festival Indisciplinados Lima, Lima, Perú
performed once in 2019


Elizabeth Wurst


“Pyrotechnics” is the word that triggers a scenic investigation between artists Moyra Silva and Elizabeth Wurst. The starting point is the poems, of the same title, by the poet Hilda Mundy (Oruro, Bolivia, 1912). Mundy’s poetic world ignites the creation of a transdisciplinary staging.

The research seeks to explore again the intrinsic of “the word,” its parts and components (letters, syllables, vowels, consonants) and how it builds new structures in dialogue with vocal percussion, lighting, and movement. Mundy’s poetry brings symbolic ammunition, because for her, “language becomes at least disruptive, capricious and deliberately experimenter, creator, basic qualities of poetry.”

“Pirotecnia” proposes a dialogue between music, lighting, and movement. The question that arises is what happens if we explore “the word” that arises and lights up, like a flame, of movement and sound.

The piece admits metaphorical images to animate the words of yesteryear in the present. The work explores duality, a relationship between the self and the other, which establishes inventories or abstract characters, who come to fulfill the role of the protagonists. In this way, the work is based on how Mundy conceives its actants, presenting a world where two fighting entities live.