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Sid and Jim

first performed on October 14, 2019
Curator’s Studio, London, United Kingdom
performed 80 times in 2019


Sid Smith, Jim Bicknell-Knight, Jamie Rose

London, UK


Developed from ideas surrounding collaboration and authorship generated from my sonorous and participatory performances at “D!N DINS” (the dinner party happenings I curate), and the documentation and sharing of that online, “Mind’s Ear / Mind’s Eye” aims to draw into question when, where, and by whom performances occur.

Keen to exploit the blurring and duplication of location and time which permeate the digital realm, I responded to an online call in which artworks would be “unboxed” from an art crate for a video on Youtube. Making a sonorous object which was itself sealed inside a box—the contents unknown to all but myself—which produces an infinite variety of melodious and soft metallic tones not dissimilar to a xylophone, though with greater resonance; the work was not the object but the performance of it. Performances in truth occur each and every time the object is sounded and engaged with, making each viewer who listens and experiences the work a participant and collaborator in a performance.

For the recorded unboxing, the actor removes my box from the crate, noting with delight the peculiar sounds that emanate within each time the box is tilted. Puzzled by the “box within the box,” he turns it each and every way, musing on the possible contents within which elude both him and the listener-viewer.