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Eliza Swann

first performed on October 6, 2019
Pershing Square Park, Los Angeles, CA
performed twice in 2019


Breadwoman, Fawntice Finesse, Edgar Fabián Frías, Francisquito Gerardo Gonzalez, Maya Gingery, Anna Homler, Kwonyin, Leaving Records, Jorge Martin, Dylan Mira, Saewon Oh, Thaddeus Pedisich, Estela Sanchez, Laura Stinger, Eliza Swann, Asia Wong

Los Angeles, CA


For “Rainbow Transmissions,” the Golden Dome School produced two vegan rainbow feasts that incorporated sound healing, performance, and meditations for each color in the rainbow. These events invited the public to learn about food’s nutritional, social, political, and spiritual properties and how they relate to their primary color(s). Attendees were invited to connect with food on a more intimate level, making psychic and emotional contact with their meals as a way to honor the plants, their colors, and their spirits. We were interested in creating an art event that nourished the bodies and spirits of anyone who chose to attend. Ultimately, we aim to forge evolving art disciplines that incorporate care and service as performance. “Rainbow Transmissions” took place in Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles as part of Current:LA FOOD, the City of Los Angeles’ public art triennial, organized by the LA Department of Cultural Affairs and the Institute for Contemporary Art.

For “Rainbow Transmissions #1” we invited “미친년” (Kwonyin, Dylan Mira, & Saewon Oh), “Leaving Records,” and “GayCay” (Edgar Fabián Frías & Thaddeus Pedisich) to perform and fill the square with prismatic sounds and healing vibrations. We also served fresh fruit and provided water and tea for the public.

For “Rainbow Transmissions #2” we created a “Rainbow Chorus” (Edgar Fabián Frías, Francisquito Gerardo Gonzalez, Thaddeus Pedisich, Estela Sanchez, & Eliza Swann) that helped to clear the energetic space and set the intention for the overall ceremony. The event began with a calling in of the directions and an honoring of the Indigenous communities whose land we were occupying, the spirits inhabiting the space, and the ancestors present. Co-curators and performers Edgar Fabián Frías and Eliza Swann recited a prayer designed to honor the rainbow magic found in plants and in all of the beings that work to prepare our food. Sound healer Fawntice Finesse, and artist “Breadwoman” (Anna Homler and Jorge Martin featuring Maya Gingery) performed as we served a rainbow feast to the public.