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Amelia Marzec

first performed on September 21, 2019
The Ear, Brooklyn, NY
performed once in 2019


Brooklyn, NY


The performance began with me wearing a lab coat and holding a clipboard, with a projection of an image of a concrete block on a beach and the sound of waves. I was giving an update from The Laboratory For What’s Possible, which is my own telecommunications research project where I had been taking photographs pertaining to the development of communication technology. I had been searching for architectural ruins where telecommunications research and military research happened on the same land.

I then talked about how my family were part of Slavic ethnic groups that were targeted during WWII, and about a series of their mysterious deaths that I uncovered from that time. In America, some of my relatives had worked for an organization that built technology that blew up our ancestors. The image of the beach was the location where that technology had been developed, near where I grew up.

I showed an image of my great-grandmother, and decided to take a break from the research. I took off my lab coat and put on an apron, while talking about how my grandmothers had gotten married really young.

I then decided that I wanted to start a queer family, and invited several audience members to come up and join my family. I took out five different foods that my ancestors would have eaten, and tried them for the first time with the audience. This was a way to connect my queer family to my ancestors, and to undo my own assimilation. However, I doubt this was a family that my ancestors would approve of. The performance ended when I invited everyone else to join in.