project image
Adele Overbey

first performed on September 18, 2019
Roulette, New York, NY
performed once in 2019


Marcia Bassett

Switzerland and Germany / Brooklyn, NY


“time_untime” evokes images, stories, a state of being. The audience can enter a waking dream state in which boundaries become fluid, duration becomes a moment, and single moments become duration. Lights sink into the darkness, darkness appears through the light.

This performance was dedicated to my father who passed away at the beginning of 2019.

I am joining different aspects of my previous work and am creating, with that, something entirely new. Marcia Bassett is weaving together her own sounds with my spoken words and my prerecorded texts.

Long panels of semi-transparent sketching paper painted with black Sumi ink hang in the space. I project images that might resemble a group of trees into this structure, from several angles. The projected images are double exposures of black and white photographs of trees and cityscapes as well as projections of moving images of scenes in nature, slightly abstracted by the way that I have filmed them. The projections are overlapping, fragmented by the paper panels, and ever changing. Sometimes they move imperceptibly slowly, sometimes in violent spurts. The essence of the footage is perceived, much more so then the content of it.

While speaking I am walking very, very slowly in between, in front, and behind the panels. The text is abstract, free associations, fragmented thoughts of the moment. My father and the theme of death appeared just as much in between the lines. Sometimes spoken in English, sometimes in German or a mix of the two.

Marcia (in the soundscape) is exploring omnipresent fragmentation, weaving in prerecorded texts written by me, live sound elements, and a selection of field recordings capturing the sounds and voices of the urban landscape found in NYC and Tunis, where we presented our first collaborative work “inter_woven.” Marcia is processing, transforming, and modifying my spoken texts in real time composition working with patterns that are related to and / or included in the larger pattern of exploration, observation, and experience. Other text portions are left unmodified.

Marcia and I are playing with the sense of time. Time becomes relative and disappears. The audience immerses itself into the space and the sounds. There is no beginning nor an ending.