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Lindsey Whittle

first performed on September 5, 2019
Pique Experience Art Space, Covington, KY
performed once in 2019


Covington, KY


Future-Clint is my persona, who traveled back 130 years from the future to the year 2019 to share his wisdom and to save his past from disappearing into oblivion. Future-Clint asks, “Do our greatest memories have some lasting significance… or, are they just blown away, in the winds of forgotten memories?”

Future-Clint is uninhibited, brash, loud, charming, and powerful when speaking his truths. During the Pique Art Experience Gallery’s fourth year birthday event, Future-Clint related personal memories from his (my) life. He also shared his thoughts on current events using a unique perspective, which came from his knowledge of future outcomes.

When we learn about the lives of others and their experiences, our own preconceptions get broken down. We can all find commonalities in our lives, which allow us to relate person to person.

Future-Clint gives us a glimpse into future fashion. He wears a silver Viking helmet, adorned with two dinosaurs and a pair of magnifying glasses. He sports Elvis-style sunglasses and a silver cape. His long flowing silver beard hints at his agedness.

This was a performance which accompanied my installation in The Clubhouse art show at the Pique Experience Art Gallery, in Covington, KY. A video featuring Future-Clint reminiscing about actual experiences from my childhood was presented on a TV screen in the center of my clubhouse. My clubhouse walls were constructed of superhero bed sheets. The clubhouse interiors were covered with my art prints, featuring collages of dated 80s technology, elements of pop culture, and my childhood toys. Around a faux window hung curtains from my childhood home, with printed images of a happy family neighborhood, but the curtains were sun-bleached, ragged, and dirty from years of exposure to the elements. This stage setting reinforces an underlying theme of Future Clint’s message… that our once-shiny memories age, deteriorate, and change over time. Most of all Future-Clint illustrates that the people and places which made our past continue to shape our future.