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Young Chan

first performed on August 12, 2019
Sansok Lighthouse Museum, Jeonju, Korea
performed twice in 2019


London, UK


“Follow Up” was conceived in 2019.

This work is about the emergency of global warming and it is a message of care for the planet. I made a wearable structure with an ice pyramid over my head that slowly melts. Whilst the ice melted I positioned over my head clay, soil, and coal that would end up over my body and shirt, representing the soil and the oil industry spoiling the earth. The ice cube slowly melted over my head, highlighting the fact that human beings cannot escape natural disasters as there is no escape but the earth we live in.

“Follow Up” represents the problematics humans cannot escape wherever they go. The Anthropocene era has to change its game and all species and elements should finally cooperate. This work responded to the world’s condition. It emerged during a trip to Iran when I was exposed to an emergency of severe drought, especially in the south. I therefore first performed another work which was similar; its title was “Saffron Tears” where I put saffron in 5 kg ice cube and I posed for two hours letting the ice melt over my head, holding it only with my hands. Saffron is very symbolic for Iran and in this case it represented the power and the reminder of the respect for nature which sustains us. Since then I began thinking on how I can work more about this topic and I built a wearable structure in Berlin with the help of my friend “Kappa,” historical figure of the Squat known as “Tacheles.” I also built the container to create the pyramidal ice piece.

At the end of the piece, the shirt, dirty with coal and soil, was kept to be displayed in an exhibition set up.