project image
Courtney Frances Fallon / Katharine T. Jacobs

first performed on May 21, 2019
Grace Exhibition Space, New York, NY
performed twice in 2019


Brooklyn, NY


“Fun for Everyone” is a subversion and satire of children’s entertainment starring Spreadeagle Sue. It combines the fetishized trope of the cheerleader with gratuitous nudity, masturbation, and sculpture to create a deceptively didactic performance aimed at educating heterosexual men. This particular iteration focused on consent and male contraception including a radical confrontation of the perceived infallibility of female contraception methods—particularly the intrauterine device (IUD or coil).

The paradigm where women are gatekeepers against male initiators remains pervasive and persistent. Too many heterosexual cis-men confuse coercion with seduction or don’t differentiate between reluctant agreeance, silent endurance, and enthusiastic consent. Society and popular culture also normalize men deceiving women in the pursuit of sex. In reality, if it isn’t informed, then it isn’t consensual.

Women are also too frequently solely responsible for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs. As the AIDS epidemic fades from the forefront with each passing year and hormonal birth control methods are perceived as ubiquitous, condom use is on the decline. This is despite the persistent threat to abortion access throughout the United States.

These dynamics persist due to men’s ignorance and indifference. This is not only oppressive in the macro; it is detrimental to pleasure in the micro. For many people, orgasm is difficult to achieve if they are not in the proper mindset. The focus on FUN—in the title, emblazoned across my chest, and as a theme of the program—isn’t totally ironic. If sex is truly consensual and protection is enthusiastically employed by both lovers a woman is more likely to feel safe and therefore, able to enjoy sex, making it: ! YAY!

I shamelessly objectify myself for the sake of grabbing my intended audience’s attention. I’m cartoonishly sexual—yellow hair and bald vagina. By centering on the male gaze, I not only attempt to appeal to men, I am also contemptuously treating them like children. Any woman exposing her bald vagina while behaving provocatively is like a spoon full of sugar to accompany the medicine. After parading a self-described horny cheerleader in front of them, I reveal my own personal history—that I was conceived and carried to term despite my mother’s Lippe’s Loop IUD. I then lead a cheer in favor of vasectomies, of course.