project image
Camila Sierra

first performed on May 19, 2019
Adra Casa Corporal, Bogotá, Colombia
performed once in 2019


Eric Hoegemeyer

Bogota, Colombia / Brooklyn, NY


The Roots are Fibers and Pulses. They contain signals sent between each tree to communicate and build the network of the forest. An intricate ecosystem that subsists based on the exchange of chemical information, nutrients, and vibrations; traveling for kilometers under the earth, it is how plants keep others alive.

This communication is only possible in wild forests where diversity grows together. It has been proven that domesticated forests do not develop this faculty.

We humans who walk over the land also communicate by vibrations and pulses.

Nevertheless we sometimes forget how deeply connected we are despite our color, place of birth, religion. This experiment explores the subtle communication between living beings inhabiting the earth and how to bring to light what remains underneath. Making visible the invisible.

Space is filled with leaves, a chair; three branches are hung from the ceiling. From those branches jars are suspended.

As the action begins, I sit making motions with a stick. I grab two elastic bands that are hung from the ceiling, connected with the chair. I start moving, looking for equilibrium. I step out and start pulling the bands, playing with the weight of my body in contrast with the chair’s weight. Afterward, I am wrapped in the bands lying on the floor. This keeps the chair above as eventually I reach it with my legs.

When the exercise with the chair is finished, I walk across the space looking for a jar of water. When I find it I walk back searching for the glasses that are fallen from the branches, helping myself with my hands and a stick that makes sounds in contact with them. I identify where each glass is and I fill each with water, touch them with the stick and the sound makes changes depending of on the amount of water each one holds. I then crawl back to the chair and sit removing the blindfold, holding my hands over my eyes for some time. Now the light is gone as I welcome the darkness in the wholeness.

This is an exercise for freedom. We all belong to earth. We are all in our right to transit it and inhabit it freely. No human is illegal.