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Maria Helena Nerhus, Mørkerommet

first performed on May 13, 2019
Botanical Garden, Bergen, Norway
performed twice in 2019


Prøverommet, Bergen International Theatre BIT


In the performance “Walking with Breath,” the audience are co-creators by taking part in a quiet walk through the landscape, while everyone is holding and carrying a glass sculpture. The glass sculptures, “Expressions of Breath,” are made by blowing a breath into molten glass and getting a response from the material, exhaling back, and creating the forms.

Through breathing, we all share the same air. In our relational and spatial work we are researching these questions:

What is the shape of breath?

How do we experience this, shared and unseen?

How can this invisible collective become visible?

With “Expressions of Breath” in our hands, how do we experience ourselves, others, and the space we move in?

The first performance took place in the Japanese part of a botanical garden. About 40 persons attended. The walk started as wandering in one group, then shifted to a more individual, improvisational journey, and ended in a final gathering where all participants lay down the glass sculptures on the ground.

The performance is part of our serial work, “Expressions of Breath,” a developing body of work where we reflect upon embodied experiences and the use of glass in outdoor participatory performance art.