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Jürgen Fritz

first performed on May 5, 2019
Rema Factory Zavodska St. 31, Lviv, Ukraine
performed once in 2019


Cologne, Germany


I started by circling counterclockwise around a column, holding in both my hands a printed “galaxy” fabric filled with ash. Through alternating vertical hand movements, the ash sifted through the fabric and trickled to the ground. The footprints I left behind from walking simultaneously appeared and disappeared as the ash fell over them. The ash gradually filled the vast space of the room as it was stirred up by varying degrees of vigorousness through my action.

Once the fabric was emptied, I placed a whistling kettle filled with water on an electric stove in the room. I took off my black sweater and lay it on the floor opposite the whistling kettle. I then picked up a spherical glass bowl and a big plastic bottle filled with water.

Circling around the column again, I filled the glass bowl with water, holding it in front of my left eye. The water turned it into a magnifying glass and enlarged the audience / my eye. Several times I dipped my right index finger in black ink, pointing into the distance and dipped it into the water. As the ink dissolved, the clear water turned into an opaque black liquid and the magnifying glass became a shiny black ball, which I placed on top of my sweater.

I then stood next to the whistling kettle and lit 28 matches while whistling the European anthem repeatedly. I let the matches burn down to my fingertips and laid them in a row on the floor. Meanwhile, the water on the stove slowly began to boil, but before the kettle began to whistle, the electric stove exploded.

After the 28 matches had burned down I picked up the spherical glass bowl and poured out the black liquid over my sweater.

By having a dialogue with materials in the given situation I strove to open up numerous spaces for new thoughts that continually go beyond their own limitations and boundaries, to follow my forms of thinking which form new thoughts through action.

I tried to abstract my temporary fears, worries, and thoughts and relate them to that present moment. The challenge was to retain my individual rhythms, intentions, and perceptions of the present moment, avoiding the inward closure of the action in itself so that through the ephemeral situation people can relate to the performance differently and on multiple personal levels.