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Ever Rodas

first performed on February 23, 2019
Casa Canibal del Centro Cultural del España en San José de Costa Rica, San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
performed once in 2019


Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala / Antofagasta, Chile


Nowadays everybody is obsessed with talking about and showing their successes, both in daily routine or on social media. From small details like a beautiful cup of coffee to big achievements like a worldwide trip, there is no space for failure. Failures still happen but remain hidden, as a taboo in a world where everybody wants to be a winner.

In order to problematize this topic, I developed this piece.

A week before the action, I made an open call on social media to motivate each person that hated me, or that had any resentment against me, to express their feelings with no restrictions, by sending me an anonymous email. I promised to not take any action further than reading the emails.

After the call ended, I read those emails loudly, along with other documents that certified personal and professional failures that I have had in my life, such as letters of rejection, threatening emails, etc. While I was reading, the phrase Yo Soy un Fracaso (“I Am a Failure”) was being tattooed on my back, in the style of the Post-its that are stuck on the backs of people that are bullied (like those “kick me” signs).