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Vincent Theunissen

first performed on February 8, 2019
Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany
performed twice in 2019


Kiky Thomanek, Kenta Nagai

Brooklyn, NY


“object version / natured” asks, how do we individually engage in reciprocity with our shared, animate surroundings? Human, animal, nature, spirit. Performance is my way to process and share this question. In a general societal loss of the immediate sensory reality of our interrelatedness within the undeniable life and death cycles, I believe in performative action as nonlinear togetherness that is continuing to hold some of the secrets and tools for our current cultural perception of aliveness.

“object version / natured” performed at Resist! Vienna! Festival is a durational solo performance that exists as a sentient sculpture at the center of an open field of attention and sound. In nearly imperceptible shifts of this ‘leg, ass sculpture’ I move and watch my own knowing animal flesh transform into a seated icon shifting as slowly as natural light between extreme emotional expressions. Eventually I step down from objecthood into the audience realm. A startling breach: a mistress of ceremonies dares to conduct. The relationships between opposites like animal / saint, female / male, or casual / sacred give impulses for this morphing female body in three stages. The perceived scenario offers a projection space for the audience to sense and watch their imagination of engagement.

Sound for this piece is by Kenta Nagai. Ceremonial performance by Kiky Thomanek.