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Iki Nakagawa

first performed on January 25, 2019
Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY
performed once in 2019


Megan Payne

Berlin, Germany / Melbourne, Australia


“No matter what” invests in listening, sharing, and empathy between bodies. We aim to get in touch with—and unravel—the multitude of forms, images, and procedures embodied in our dancing.

Engaging notions of synchronicity and divergence—making and breaking cycles in motion—our choreography constitutes a score within which the content archived in our subjective dancing bodies can unfold and transform in dialogue.

We attend to and facilitate the “matter” at play, within and between us: knowledge inscribed in our bodies, as well as that which emerges in a process of real-time circulation. We become vessels for the transformation of this material. In a state of interdependence, we are response-able for our own condition and dynamically support each other.

“No matter what” is about transforming our active constitutions, continuing our research into the multiplicity of bodies, temporalities, and “worlding” situations as a strategy for being independent through relationality in troubling times. We are now working toward a durational exhibition format for this performance, to investigate how our performance affects different relations between performers and visitors.

Each of our choreographic works are made alongside poetry, written collaboratively. The performance’s conceptual underpinning and procedures are revealed through our poetry by the same title, developed with our dancing.