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B Ajay Sharma, Hardeve Singh Dev

first performed on November 21, 2018
Healing Hill Art Studio, Chandigarh, India
performed twice in 2018


South Korea


I got the idea for this performance from my poem “Monsters.”

I put black lipstick on my lips and shout “this is white.” I approach members of the audience, apply white lipstick to their lips, and drop black water into their mouths. I come back to my first seat, shouting “this is black.” I slice apples, throw them around me, and curl up. Audience members who have black water in their mouths come and drop black water on my body. The audience leaves and I slowly start to stand up and tear up my clothes. One, two, three, layers of white dresses are ripped out, and the last black dress comes into view.


You said i make monster in my mind

And it will be hurt you and me

I didn’t know what you were talking about at the time

However, monster was came to us

Bit you and me

And tore you and me to pieces

Now i know what you were talking about at the time


Was it really my monster or. . .