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Ashley Rosas

first performed on August 23, 2018
oceanfront presented by Siren Arts, Asbury Park, NJ
performed once in 2018


Baltimore, MD / Tulsa, OK


“Climate Immigrants” is a performance and series of colorful art ponchos that considers the impending plight of climate-immigrants worldwide.

The performers wore what I call “climate ponchos,” which include head gear that obscure the performers’ faces, an approach I chose both for the mystery and anonymity it affords and because of the head gear’s ability to absorb light effects. Always silent, these figures roamed about the public installation site and in various locations created repetitive sculptural forms and movements for attendees and beach goers. This particular performance included eight performers set against the Atlantic Ocean and was scheduled from sunset through nightfall.

The clear, wearable climate ponchos are adorned with images that depict the archetype of the traveler, with the people depicted wearing backpacks, carrying suitcases, wearing hats, and some holding children. They are all on their way somewhere, traveling in one direction a lot of the time. This simple showing of people in movement, in transition, resonates with a world-wide issue and echoes the reality of the viewers as they themselves traverse space to witness the sunset performance.

For this ongoing series I wanted to create a work that implicated as many of us as possible in its ideology. By combining notions of immigration and climate change I aimed to problematize the way we relate to both immigrants and climate change while reminding the viewer that we are all under the sun together (or in this case under the moon).