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Tiago Vicente

first performed on July 18, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
performed once in 2018


Porto Alegre, Brazil


During my visit to Las Vegas, NV I came across an illusionist universe, where everything (or almost everything) is allowed, known as the “adult amusement park.” When I looked at the relationship that the people in the city had with consumption, a few things caught my attention: the numerous fast foods, thematic casinos, luxury hotels, copies of famous monuments, great luxury brands, bright signs, drinks and bars around every corner, games of chance, and the speed at which marriages take place. Casino hotels attract more than 38 million tourists a year to Las Vegas; the city is driven by money.

In the face of this scenario, I rented a wedding dress from one of the most famous chapels, A Little White Chapel, and experienced what the city had to offer. My actions evoke a feminist perspective, characterized by the contexts in which they arise. This piece questions the place of women in society, the roles they play, the patterns of beauty and behavior expected. It is a critique of the commodification of marriage and the era in which happiness is sold through the image, and a possible deconstruction of bridal expectations.

Because in this amusement park, the lights never go out.

And the roulettes spin all the time.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!