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Nicole Touzien

first performed on May 26, 2018
The Woods Cooperative, New York, NY
performed three times in 2018


Maira Duarte, Miu Soda

New York, NY


“The Tampon Piece” is a radical feminist performance, based on a true story, about the shaming of our bodies and the difficulty of accessing information about how our genitals work.

Using elements such as rollerskating, theatrical movement, cabaret, ballet, vogue, musical theater, visuals, and props, this piece includes step by step instructions on how to use a tampon.

As the audience enters the space, they are greeted by a Blood Dancer, and given a tampon as a welcoming gift. The piece opens with a sleeping Miu, wearing Pikachu pajamas and roller skates, in the middle of a dream, who gets visited for the first time by the Period, who draws a stream of blood out of her body. More Blood Dancers join in a frantic rite under Stravinsky-inspired live music.

The scene transitions to the next morning when, in the bathroom, Miu meets the Tampon Fairy who brings with her a giant tampon and applicator. More Tampon Fairies join and together they all perform a balletic dance of how to use a tampon, culminating with the final pulling of the giant used tampon out of Miu’s body, destroying the toilet she’s sitting on.

As a grand celebratory ending, swinging around glow-in-the-dark tampons, everybody performs the Tampon Vogue to Ru Paul’s “Sissy That Walk,” and while the cast does their last runway, they are interrupted by the sudden feeling of the approaching period. The last scene of a German musical is played and a woman calls out: “Entschuldigung, hatte irgend jemand ein tampon dabei?” (Excuse me, does anyone have a tampon here?). Audience members who respond holding their tampons up in the air are invited to perform a community dance on stage.

Miu and Tampon Fairy conduct an after-show Q&A where they survey the ages at which audience members first used or learned about tampons, and audience members share unique tampon stories.