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Daniel Hansen

first performed on March 18, 2018
Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo, Norway
performed once in 2018


Henrik Koppen, Finn Adrian Jorkjen

Oslo, Norway / Velsvik, Norway


“E-ostre Calling” was a performance in the form of a sacrifice ritual, created for the spring goddess E-ostre. The performance started with the two of us carrying a green papier-mâché lamb onto the stage while wearing heavy cloaks. We recited poetic texts resembling religious scriptures infused with pop cultural references. We removed the cloaks to reveal decorated disposable jumpsuits. We sawed the lamb in two, and pulled out glittery purple slime from the inside which we then playfully explored. After the sacrifice, we revealed bright and flowy tutu-inspired costumes, and performed a celebratory choreography.

For this work we researched different Easter traditions and spring rituals. Sacrifice is an important sacrament in order to create new life and new beginnings. We have previously worked a lot with destruction as a creative force.

We investigate rituals as a way of questioning the creation of culture, and how rituals influence us in our history and everyday life. Through the sacrifice we tried to invoke the goddess of fertility, embody a feminine force, and express and perform a queer identity.