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Abigail Lahnert

first performed on March 17, 2018
Little Gallery, Salem, OR
performed once in 2018


Denver, CO


El Capote: the cape, cloak.

That which incites and is inciting.

It has its false properties and its real ones.

In-between and multiple during the event.

In “Intermediary” I strove to understand what happens in the liminal space of an encounter. As a child, and during my time in Spain, I was fascinated by the encounter of a bullfight. Rather than placing myself in the position of the bull or the position of the matador, which are often described as a binary between human and animal, I explored the positionality of the cape. To to so, I projected old bullfight video footage onto a wall and positioned myself, dressed in a coat that matched its color and form, into the cape’s position. The projection of the cape and bullfight became projected onto my body, as I strove to mimic the cape’s motions. As I succeeded and failed to follow the motion of the cape, it became unclear which object or character had the power to provoke a reaction, and why. The identities of matador, bull, and cape all became superimposed on my own body. As a queer, non-binary maker, liminalty has been a force that has always carried weight in my work.