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Hanna Loftin

first performed on February 4, 2018
MOMA PS1, Long Island, City, NY
performed once in 2018


and an ex

Boring, OR


How to break, how to mend

How pop-songs and life-stories mutually embed

How it feels to weave a sacred trap with the resources u have available

Sometimes the world folds in on itself & it’s time to sing

In June 2012 I was at the Rainbow in Greenpoint, when Gotye’s breakup anthem “Somebody I Used to Know” started playing on the store speakers. I sighed long & said, “Jordan loved this song . . . he just texted me, ‘now you’re just somebody i used to know!!!’”

In June 2012 we had just broken up.

In February 2018 I was at MOMA PS1 again, this time for home school field day, home school the free popup art school I co-facilitate with manuel arturo abreu.

I remember I walked back in the karaopy room after RaFIA’s set in the dome

I felt aglow with art energy

buzzy from the crowd

And there he was, Jordan

On the red cushions with friends, watching people sing therapeutic karaoke

I said hi. We were still friends.

Then my heart felt right/I had an idea that felt important to me

I said: “Jordan let’s karaopy ‘Somebody I Used to Know’”

at first he said “no,”

I was slightly dismayed but i didn’t push him,

We all sat on the cushions admiring the singers. They were good, lots of feeling

I had to stay til the end.

Jordan came out of a long thought and said, “Let’s sing it. It is a duet”

glancing at the words

singing the breakup anthem of our breakup summer together

I did some ad-libbing between verses

the full-circle-hood felt good