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first performed on February 1, 2018
Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY
performed twice in 2018



New York, NY

or also i’m like, nah, imma see old             1. (a) list (for)
death can be comfortable             all (of) the time; a manual;
just gotta wear it right           2. find a dumpster; find food;
(i know, right?)                                     find yrself;
you know what they say about people who talk to catz?          3.
(i hope it’s not true.)                           zip tiez, like,
anyhow:             the really big zip tiez, probably need like 4
homesexualz & vicodin              to 6 & some thick plastic bagz
you’re necessary          4. helium doesn’t feel like suffocating
blood                                         {{citation needed}}
blood stainz                     5. remember a typewriter (maude) 
my blood                                 6. bawdy bob mackie gown 
stainz                           (don’t tell anyone yr exit plan)
your necessary             wtf does a good note do, for me anyway
blood                 how fast is too hard; how slow is too soft;
blood stainz                        but, like, word play: who r u
my blood            what to do here, or there, or whenever u like
sit,   on making movement: on making sound: on making discussion:
stand,                               on collaboration or whatever 
sit,   make a form that people like ohyeah, make what people like
stand                           on keeping to yrself: hmm u sure? 
                   on relative structure: watch out for recursion
                                    and again, on what to do: «…»

             "so, whose perceptual problem is this?"